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HarperCollins Halloween Readalong- The Lighthouse Witches by C. J. Cooke | @fictionpubteam @cjcooke_author #HalloweenReadalong #TheLighthouseWitches

Howdy booklovers! I’m so excited to be a part of the HarperCollins Halloween Readalong of The Lighthouse Witches.


Upon the cliffs of a remote Scottish island, Lòn Haven, stands a lighthouse.

A lighthouse that has weathered more than storms.

Mysterious and terrible events have happened on this island. It started with a witch hunt. Now, centuries later, islanders are vanishing without explanation.

Coincidence? Or curse?

Liv Stay flees to the island with her three daughters, in search of a home. She doesn’t believe in witches, or dark omens, or hauntings. But within months, her daughter Luna will be the only one of them left.

Twenty years later, Luna is drawn back to the place her family vanished. As the last sister left, it’s up to her to find out the truth . . .

But what really happened at the lighthouse all those years ago?

Reading Prompts: page 1-97

Prompt 1: The Longing– The Longing is creepily atmospheric. Set on a remote Scottish isle, and rumoured to be cursed the creepy events and the local residents reactions makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

Prompt 2: Clovers Reappearance– okay so this one has been mashing my brain, HOW HAS SHE RETURNED THE WAY SHE IS? What is goingg on? My head HURTSSSS and the missing children?! Are we talking weird island serial killer? Something more… unexplainable?

👆🏻Me when Clover reappeared 👆🏻

Prompt 3: Leaving York– are they running from someone? Livs ex boyfriend? Bailiffs? Seems weird that they’d leave in the middle of the night. Or maybe Saffy and her evil tendencies created some issues that they needed to escape from?

If you’re reading, let us know your thoughts in the comments! See you next week for part 2💙

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