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Book Tour: Reign of Clans and Gods by Ashley Merdalo | @ashleymerdalo @LakeCtryPress @lovebookstours

Howdy booklovers and welcome to my stop on the tour! Thank you to Kelly at Love Books Tours for having me


What’s more dangerous in the world of politics, love or war?

On the island of Eiram, there were once four clans.

Four clans, four rings–now there are three…

Twenty years ago, invaders attacked Eiram, staking claim to a section of territory and massacring the people that lived along those bluffs, The only remnants of that clan are the few who hold on to the black iron rings of the Clan o’ Cliffs. Survivors have since assimilated into their new homes, taking rings from their adopted regions: gold of the Mountain Clan, wintry silver of the Forest Clan, and the deep copper of the Clan Amongst the Rivers. 

For now, there is peace…

Gifted with the power of foresight, Willa is a portal to the gods, her days and nights are filled with prophecies and omens. Since the age of two, she has been trapped in an engagement arranged to maintain the balance of power across class. Facing a loveless marriage, Willa struggles to reconcile the idea of the benevolent gods with her own bleak future–until she meets Dempsey on the night of Beltane, and they encounter evidence of the land’s dwindling magic.

Heir to the Clan Amongst the Rivers, Dempsey is everything Willa’s fiánce isn’t. His shameless flirtations make her feel alive, and Willa can’t help but feel drawn to the taste of freedom his power of storms gives her. Together, they realize the invaders are moving in again, threatening the stability of the clans and the existence of the gods. It’s up to Willa to step into her birthright and unite the clans if they’re going to stand a chance at preventing conquest.




This book definitely ticks a lot of boxes, political ✅ romance ✅ forbidden love ✅ characters with powers ✅ Irish lore ✅

There’s a lot of good in this book, the characters are strong and well written, the romance draws you in and you’re rooting for it, the magic system is pretty cool and it’s a relatively easy read. However i do wish some of the scenes were given the time they deserved as some seemed sped through but overall a good new fantasy romance!


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