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Tell Me About It Tuesday | #booktwt #bookblog #tellmeaboutittuesday

Howdy booklovers! I thought I’d try something a little different. I’m working on ways to bring different content to the blog, I’m hoping to play around with some stuff but I thought I’d start with #TellMeAboutItTuesday!

What is #TellMeAboutItTuesday?

Well friends, it’s basically a free-for-all on anything you’re excited about! Could be a personal progression, an exciting event or even just a fun fact… extra points if it’s bookish! I’ll mainly be keeping mine bookish and using this as a way to tell you about some awesome books or bookish things (I recently bought a LOT of bookmarks on etsy so prepare yourself)


Why not? I think it’s so easy to get bogged down with every day life and it’s so easy to undervalue our achievements or compare them to other peoples that we forget to celebrate ourselves!so this gives us a minute out of our day to focus on something that made us happy! Alternatively, if there’s something that you need to get off your chest then that’s cool too! But please no mean or hurtful things.

This weeks Tell All-

Well, I’ve recently started expanding my useful merch collection. Now by useful i mean, I’m a magpie so I’m usually drawn to pretty sparkly things that aren’t very practical…

So I’ve decided to go for pretty yet practical objects including bookmarks and book sleeves…

I never actually realised how much I needed a book-sleeve until mine arrived and now I never want to be without one!


Purchase number one was some pretty watercolour book marks by Jasmine Rebecca Art! Jasmine Rebecca Art is an etsy shop that sells all kinds of pretty prints etc

Purchase one👀

I liked them so much I bought more!

Returned for purchase 2😍

You can check out Jasmine’s wonderful products on etsy by clicking here! You can also check out her instagram here! I personally love them so much, and I love supporting a small business!

So, then I saw some ACOTAR themed ones by a shop called Literary Lovelies UK. I was so excited, she even threw in a freebie, how lovely! Anyone who knows me knows I’m obsessed with ACOTAR sooo had to add to my collection 😍

You can find LiteraryLoveliesUK on etsy by clicking here and check them out on instagram here!

And finally, last but not least… my book sleeve from BookBestiesUk! I was so excited scrolling through their designs and when I came across a Stitch one I HAD TO HAVE ITTTTT! I am OBSESSED with Stitch, I have a whole collection so here we are!

This is so well made and super padded, i bought the Hardback one and I used it on a trip recently so my books stayed in perfect condition! you can check out BookBestiesUk etsy shop here and their Instagram here

I’m soooo happy with my purchases!


What is your tell me about it Tuesday brag/confession? I can’t wait to find out

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