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Book Tour: We’d Know By Then by Kirsten Bohling | @kirstenbohling @LakeCtryPress @KellyALacey @lovebookstours @igbooktours

Howdy booklovers, welcome to my stop on the tour for We’d Know By Then by Kirsten Bohling


Fans of bittersweet titles by Colleen Hoover and Jojo Moyes will have you invested in Brighton and Cain’s journey from the first page to the last

In a monochrome world, Brighton Evans is a splash of brilliant colour.

She can see the world in its true, kaleidoscopic form—a privilege reserved for soulmates only after they’ve found their other halves.

Knowing your soulmate when they come along should be easy, but Brighton can’t remember a time when she hasn’t seen in colour. The past has her convinced that life is safer this way; she doesn’t need a soulmate.

When Brighton meets a handsome, delightfully cheeky stranger, her carefully cultivated ‘happy enough’ crumbles as their meet-cute blossoms into true friendship. Cain Whitaker has soulmate written all over him.

With Cain by her side, Brighton sees the world as she never has before . . . until circumstance smothers her colour and leaves her wondering: if the timing is everything . . . is she too late?




We’d Know by Then is utterly unique, beautifully and unlike anything I’ve read before. One hell of a debut, that’s for sure. Cains love of Taylor Swift instantly endeared me to him, especially given Out of The Woods or more particularly the line “The rest of the world was black and white and we were in screaming colour” was screaming through my head throughout this book.

This one genuinely had me hooked from the very first line, I found the idea so wonderfully intriguing, magical realism that is perfectly executed, a page turner from start to finish. I became so emotionally invested in Brighton’s story it became borderline embarrassing. This is one of those “I’d give anything to read it again for the first time” books.

Bohling has a way of building you and and shattering your heart in the most painful and beautiful ways possible only to build you up and teach you to hope again. Now, if I’d have known about THAT plot twist I probably would’ve ran a mile and steered clear from the book however, I’m so so glad I read it. It teaches so much and there is genuinely a message that everyone can take from it. A beautiful, heart shattering masterpiece. And in the word of Ms Swift seeing as she is my whole playlist for this book, “We learn to live with the pain, mosaic broken hearts” now excuse me while I go and ugly cry over yet another bunch of fictional characters.

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