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Book Review: Saxons Distortion by C A Rene | #TalkNerdyPr

Thank you to Talk Nerdy PR for sending me a copy to read and review!


People spend their lives searching for meaning and then dying a decrepit mundane. Some are a little more prominent than others but all are boring. 
My life was an endless reel of days, hours, and minutes. Life passed in slow motion and each day bled into the next.
I wanted to stop being mundane but nothing called to me and Whitsborough has a way of sucking the extraordinary out of you. 

Now I’m handed a legacy and I feel like I’ve found my meaning.
My life is no longer mundane and nothing is strictly black or white.

It’s all vibrant splashes of red and Black Slaughter.




Saxons Distortion is everything you could want in a dark romance book. It’s sexy, dark, intense and filled with mystery.

Saxon is messed up but in a way that he channels it into good… His family are unconventional, his love-life even more so but i loved his relationship with Amelia from the get go.

Amelia is messy, she’s confused. She wants the best of both worlds and it’s a struggle for her to maintain. In that sense she is entirely relatable.

Overall this one was utterly thrilling and hard to put down, even if some parts were a little hard to read.

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