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Book Tour: Bad Karma by Debi Chestnut | @DebiChestnut1 @CayellePub @KellyALacey @lovebookstours#LoveBooksTours

Howdy booklovers! Welcome to my stop on the tour for Bad Karma by Debi Chestnut. Thank you so much to Kelly of Love Books Tours for having me! be sure to check out the other hosts posts too!


ZOEY CALLAWAY is an introverted Information Professional, content with her cramped apartment above her mother’s garage. She’s a simple person with a simple life until murder shatters her small town of Hope Harbor, Michigan.

When Zoey’s uncle is found dead in his bathtub, police think it’s an accidental overdose, but circumstances tell Zoey a different story. After inheriting her deceased uncle’s home and black kitten, she moves in and catalogues his belongings, inadvertently piecing together clues to solve a crime her uncle had stumbled upon before his death. With a stalker following her every move, Zoey calls upon all her investigative skills to identify the killer before she becomes the next victim




The ball gets rolling quite quickly with this one. It’s quite steady paced and has a whole heap of mystery.

Zoey is kinda hotheaded/reckless in the way she goes about things and jumps into situations without thinking gets a little frustrating. You sit there thinking “girl, this whole thing coulda been avoided if you let someone know where you’re going”

The mystery unfolds slowly and you find yourself trying to piece it together and end up a bit like the whiteboard in Uncle Felix’s house

I felt like at the start there was some unnecessary stereotyping and some of the important encounters felt rushed whilst some not so important ones were explored a bit more.

Overall I really enjoyed the book, I’m looking forward to book two!

About the Author

A Northern girl with a wicked imagination, Debi fell in love with mysteries after reading her first Nancy Drew book. She left her job as a paralegal to write full-time. Along with her mystery series, Debi is also the author of many books on the paranormal. She lives in Michigan with her husband, two black cats, and her lab, Hunter. You can find her at

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