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Book Tour: The Witch of Ware Woods by Sonja F. Blanco | @sonja_blanco @kellyalacey @lovebookstours

Howdy booklovers! Welcome to my stop on the Tour for The Witch of Ware Woods. Thank you to Kelly at Love Books Tours for having me! be sure to check out the tour schedule and see what the other hosts are saying!


Dark secrets. Dangerous power. And a fate bound to a forest entwined with magic.

Eighteen-year-old Sara is not normal, and she’s losing her grip on hiding her inexplicable power. Hunted by a dark witch and facing devastating losses, Sara finds refuge in Ware Woods—a spellbinding forest protected by witches, shapeshifters . . . and thorny secrets. Here she discovers true magic and an electric connection with Thomas, a wickedly charming and equally headstrong witch from a dangerous family.

But Sara is an outsider who has brought darkness and a fatal prophecy to the forest. To prove she belongs in Ware Woods, Sara is tested and pushed to master new magics, all while concealing the monstrous force that makes her undeniably different.

As the dark witch closes in on her and an insidious blight threatens Ware Woods, Sara must release her full power—and either save the forest and everyone she loves or destroy everything.

Fast-paced wonder, magnetic characters, deadly magic, forbidden romance, and a world so fresh you can smell the pine trees – Witch of Ware Woods is the perfect contemporary fantasy escape.




  • You had me at Witchy😍😍😍
  • Thomas is exactly my type which made this one a fun one
  • Strong female lead
  • Great character depth and exploration
  • A great all-rounder, ticks sooo many boxes

This is one highly immersive read. It’s so easy to get lost in. I love anything to do with witches and i feel like this book is perfect for this time of year. With great characters, chemistry and extremely well written relationships and encounters you feel as though you’re living Sara’s story.

I found the writing style enjoyable and easy to follow, it transports you to a different world and to me, when a book holds your attention in such a way it’s a sign of how well written it is. I’m

It’s been a long while since I read a story as captivating as this one and I’m so excited to see what more Sonja Blanco has in store for us!

About the Author

Sonja F. Blanco grew up in New England where she ran barefoot through the woods, chased lightning bugs, and tapped maple trees for syrup.

Having an ancestor that was hung as a witch, Sonja is naturally drawn to all things magical and fantastical—trees and cemeteries in particular.

At 5’2” she is often caught climbing tables, chairs, and small children to reach the upper shelves. She likes coffee and tea equally, both of which most certainly contributed to her diminutive stature.

Witty comics easily amuse her, as do heavily jowled Hell Hounds that talk in their sleep.

She writes fantasy as if it were real, because believing makes it so.

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