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Book Tour: Bending to Break by A. L. Hartwell | @AbbiieLeigh@lovebooksgroup@lovebookstours

Howdy booklovers and welcome to my stop on the tour for Bending to Break by A. L. Hartwell


Olivia Heart has a tragic past and a closed heart. Focusing on her fledgling career to become a lawyer she doesn’t realize a moment of kindness, eight years ago, would be the undoing of all her hard work to remain hidden. Giving away her plane ticket in an act of defiance, Olivia seals her fate to a man who sees right through her.

In the passing eight years, Luca Caruso waits in the shadows, protecting her with his anonymity, money, and four highly trained guards – repaying his debt. The repayment stalls when one guard steps out of line, forcing Luca to steal her away, to submit to a life of his blinding obsession and desire.

Olivia wrestles with her head and her heart, desiring her freedom but also the secrets from the man that stole her away in the middle of the night. Amid his desperation for her acceptance, Olivia begins to uncover his dark secrets and attempts to flee. Feeling betrayed, Luca forces Olivia to make a difficult decision.

To bend or break? The choice is hers.




This book drags you in from the very first word, even without knowing Olivias situation at the start I felt instantly connected to her character. And as the story progresses it becomes so hard to put the book down to actually adult. It’s utterly gripping. The writing is excellent, and I will definitely be checking out more of the authors work when it comes.

This is one of those stories that draws you in until it feels like you’re living it and i think that’s a testament to how well it was written. What an excellent debut! I’m so excited to read the next one!

About the Author

A. L. Hartwell lives in Nottingham, England with her wonderfully patient husband and sassy dog Lyla. From the age of fifteen, as part of an escape, she spent years writing short stories, accumulating them and sharing them online. With a vast taste in genre’s, she found herself drawn to the wonderful twisty world of Dark Romance. When she discovered the freedom in writing within this genre, she delved headfirst into writing her first novel, Bending to Break.

When she’s not working or spending her time locked away in her writing cave, she’s reading, drinking tea or obsessing over her niece and nephew.

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