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Forever Changed by Amber Nicole

Okay so i was meant to post this review a while ago but I just started a new job and there was a lot of personal shiz going on so anywho it’s being posted now! Thank you to TalkNerdyPR and Amber Nicole for allowing me to read this book!


I used to dream of the day I would be able to carry on my Mama’s legacy. 
To follow her footsteps and attend her alma mater. 

I would listen to her for hours during her chemo treatments about all the friends she made and the amazing parties and events she attended. 

But life had a different path for me. 

I never thought my soul mate would become my step-brother, or that my sorority sisters would hate me just for being a legacy. 

What was supposed to be four of the best years of my life turned into lies, betrayal and heartache. 

My college experience was nothing like I had hoped, but if I could go back and change things, I wouldn’t dare. 

My eyes are open now. 
I will never be blindsided again. 

I had made a promise, but some promises are too hard to keep. 

It’s time I take charge of my own life, and live for myself … but is it too late? Has my life been forever changed? 

This book is dark college bully romance and contains multiple triggers. 
This is a reverse harem, why choose MMFMMM romance, which means that Carson will have more than one love interest and her harem will grow throughout the duet. Also that two of the men in her relationship have an already established relationship, before meeting her. 

This is book 1 in the Forever Changed duet so there will be a cliffhanger—I know I know, I’m sorry, but I promise to have an HEA at the end of the duet! 

This is a thick 110K word book and has multiple POVS.




Forever Changed is a RH dark romance novel. I can’t lie, it took me til the end of the novel to get my head around all the different love interests but I ended up really loving it!

It’s dark, a little gritty, a whole lot of angst. A few things hit close to home, particularly the bullying so I found I could really relate to Carson. I was super attached to Memphis after pretty much the first mention of his name (what can I say, I’m sucker for band guys 🙃) so I hope to see much more of him in book 2. And that ending, WHATTTTTTTT THE HELLL? Lay, I can relate so much to him, the dark thoughts, the eternal sadness I pray things work for him in book 2. Now, let me at it!!

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