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Tarnished- Tainted by Ruin 1 REVIEW

Thank you to Talk Nerdy PR and the authors for my review copy, all views expressed are entirely my own




This was my first real dalliance with a RH novel, and I think we’re only just getting started on the “love interest” front. This book pulls no punches and the first chapter is a difficult read (tw:child abuse) I’m used to the “sensitive” stuff being addressed a little further into the books with the adult MC having a flashback rather than the perspective of the child being abused but once the perspective changed and the MC was older, I found myself completely drawn in. There’s intrigue, mystery and a whole lot of heat.

Indiana is understandably broken, she’s lived a damaging life and has been forced to keep secrets. Throughout the book we see her grow, she lets herself be vulnerable with certain people but undoubtedly her past experiences have left her with little knowledge on how to love and be loved and as such has difficulty trusting and navigating adult relationships. She’s impulsive and reckless at times but everything she does is because she’s in self preservation mode. I really enjoyed seeing her progression and regression, giving an insightful view of someone harbouring a deep-rooted shame.

The relationship dynamics were interesting, in some cases it was a little insta-lovey in others, it was a nice slow burn but all the relationships had a comfortable depth that will be interesting to see progress.

Overall I highly recommend! Unless you hate cliffhangers in which case I still recommend but you can’t say I didn’t warn you!

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