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Under a Greek Moon Tour

Howdy booklovers! How’s your week going? What is your favourite/dream holiday destination?

Thank you to the wonderful people at @harperfictionpr for having me on the tour for @carolkirkwood_bbc debut novel, Under a Greek Moon!




A sweet story of second chance love and the complex emotions and struggles faced to find it again. Partnered with beautiful escapism that will have you googling flights to Greece!

Kirkwood creates a vivid backdrop to a suspenseful tale with plenty of twists and turns that keep you turning the page. My favourite parts of the story were the chapters set in Greece and on board the St Helena. There’s no lack of family drama to keep you interested, though I would’ve liked to see more of Demetrios and Shauna’s second chance at love and possibly even Shauna facing her mother.

What is really strong in this one is the found family aspect. I really enjoyed the dynamic between Roxy and Shauna.
This will surely be a hit with those wanting to explore beautiful landscapes, hob nob with the rich and famous and go on a journey of self discovery and healing without ever leaving their home. A beautifully written, romantic tale.

There were certain parts of the book where all I could hear in my head was The Lucky One by Taylor Swift, I’m gonna go make an Under a Greek Moon playlist i think!

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