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Book Tour- This is my Truth

Howdy booklovers! Welcome to my stop on the This is my Truth tour with kaleidoscopic tours and Hot Key Books

Your friend, or your secret- which one will you keep?




Trigger warning: Domestic Abuse and Foster Care

Rahman has created an eye opening, difficult but important read. There were many times I found myself flinching, the writing is so good, you’re transported into the story. It’s like you’re living the life of the main character.

This book was a weird one for me, the bullying Amani faced in school, the way everything was described, I was instantly transported back to my own life circa 2009 so whilst from that perspective I could easily relate with Amani, it was hard for me to read. It was like i was walking through the corridors at my old school again. The classrooms were my old classrooms, the teachers were my old teachers. It was heavy for me.

I found it interesting and enlightening to read from the perspective of a different culture, one that I feel should be better represented.

This book, while there are lines that definitely make you laugh out loud, is not an easy read. The standout part of the book though, is the friendship between Amani and Huda. Huda is that friend that is willing to lose the entire friendship to try and help ensure Amani is safe. Her heart is in the right place even if her actions have consequences.

This is my Truth brings misunderstandings, drama and laughs whilst educating its readers. A very powerful book to read

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