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Blog Tour- Deepwater King by Claire McKenna

Howdy booklovers! I’m so excited to bring you my stop on the tour for Deepwater King by Claire Mckenna!

Thank you so much to Jen at Harper Voyager for sending me gifted copies of Monstrous Heart and Deepwater King ready for this tour, this has no bearing on my review.




Oh wowzers! Where to begin?! We pick up with Arden and co at sea and not long from where Monstrous Heart ended with her mission to return a soul to the Deepwater King.

This books is full of surprises. A few scenes that some may find triggering (attempted sexual assault/domestic abuse/forced marriage) there was no lack of action in this book.

Arden as a character remains strong willed but the lines of her strict personal conduct become blurred as she finds herself having to do things she has previously refused. She is a woman desperate to complete her task and there is absolutely nothing that she will not do to achieve it, while navigating the world and reeling from betrayals and those yet to come.

I wish the Sanguinity/abilities were explained better (this applies to both books) as the writing seems to assume the reader has a prior knowledge. The world building is strong and provides the reader a vivid image of the world we’re experiencing.

There are reunions, betrayals, friendships and unlikely allies book 2 was just as immersive as book one and thoroughly enjoyable. McKenna has a knack for building tension and drama all whilst maintaining a beautiful writing style. Whilst I personally preferred Monstrous Heart due to my now unhealthy obsession with Jonah Riven, Deepwater King does not disappoint

If you’re a fan of books like Fable by Adrienne Young or All The Murmuring Bones by A.G. Slatter, I think you’ll enjoy this one!

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