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🔥 A Lair So Sinful Review🔥

I received an arc from Social Butterfly PR and Zoey Ellis.



Let me start by saying I LOOOOVE Dragons. Any book with dragons usually catches my eye, particularly a steamy fantasy romance with dragons. Yep. That’s a winner for me, so naturally i was so excited to be given an opportunity to read and review A Lair So Sinful.

The story follows I’mya as she finds herself in a Dragorai lair with no memories, the only thing she can recall is that magic is dangerous and now she’s surrounded by it. We travel this journey with I’mya as she struggles to embrace her new life as a Kon’aya (a woman who lives in the dragorai lair and provides sexual assistance to the master) as she fights to regain her memories. You see the reasoning behind her thought process and she’s a woman that gets shit done! I loved seeing her grow as a character and also seeing how Nyro’s character progressed throughout the book and how the dynamics between them changed as certain things happen. Let me tell you, this book is 🌶SPICY🌶. I liked that.

Flirty, Fiery and fierce from the get go, this is a must read for all you dark fantasy romance lovers.

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