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Wing Builder Review

Thank you so much to Mel and literaryboundtours for having me be a part of the tour!

Pub Date: 29th April 2021

Review: Braxton has created a unique and intriguing world with Wing Builder. The concept is unlike anything Ive read before and I was so excited to get started. The cover is stunning and portrays the book well in my opinion and shows the sci-fi fantasy blend.

I found the pacing to be quite slow for the first two-thirds of the book but after the 70% mark the book really picks up and pulls you in.

I have to admit there were parts I struggled with, it is an insta love romance and thats not my thing but may appeal to other readers and the other main gripe I had with it was that the characters felt quite juvenile. A mysterious man with similar features shows up and Wren just drops her whole life, believes every word that comes out of his mouth and goes to alternate dimension with him. The timeline for the book is over the course of a few days.

Like I mentioned the plot is unique and is enough to keep you reading. There are a lot of politics at play and its a guessing game throughout. Kind of a whodunnit type book!

Overall, I think Braxton has done a good job on this book and I would recommend to other readers of Sci-Fi and Fantasy 綽

Wing Builder is available to purchase now!

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